Who’s watching you?

Sousveillance is most commonly defined as the recording of an activity by a participant in the activity typically by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies…

When posting pictures and photos online you most certainly are making it easier for someone to research you or someone you know.  Having other people post pictures of you, to your knowledge or not, is making it easy as well.  If I were to type my name into Google right now photos from some high school sports that I played would appear along with sport accomplishments. I had no clue that you would be able to find that basic information on me.

With wearable technology, such as Google glasses, I think there would be an increase in crowdsourcing and I find that as a problem.  With the facial recognition people would be able to put videos or photos of people, namely strangers, on the internet along with their information.  This sort of technology creates many problems but mostly with the issue of invasion of privacy.


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