Illegal downloading

“A victimless crime is a legal offense to which all participating parties have consented” (dictionary).  Is illegal downloading a victimless crime?  According to the definition, illegal downloading is not a victimless crime.  In order for it to be a victimless crime the person or company who has the legal rights has to give their permission to you in order to download what it is you are downloading. 

    Is illegal downloading different from stealing? No it is not.  Stealing is taking someone’s property without consent and having no intention of returning it.  That is exactly what you are doing when you are illegally downloading material.  However many people believe that it isn’t stealing.  According to a Rutgers Law School professor stealing is taking something and depriving them of that thing (Couts).  He believes that illegally downloading is not stealing.  In reality it is.  You are depriving that person/company of money that they would make on that product.

Couts, A. (2012, March 30). Illegal file sharing isn’t ‘stealing’: Here’s why. . Retrieved from


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