Information and privacy

     Just how private are our social networks, emails, phone calls and other aspects of our life? In my opinion, any information that I give out or receive either via email, phone, letters, or with just talking to someone should be private.  The only way that that information can become public knowledge to the government or anyone else is if I give permission or willingly do so.  The government should not be tapping everyone’s phones to listen in on their conversations.  The only time that the government should do so is if they have gathered information on a person who could possibly be a threat to national security or if it involves some other kind of criminal act i.e. the police tapping phones of drug dealers. 

     However, anything that is posted on any kind of social network is fair game.  By creating a Facebook account, or Instagram, or a Twitter, you are putting yourself out there by agreeing to the terms and conditions of that network.  I don’t see a problem with either corporations or the government reviewing published information.  If I didn’t want the information to be seen or read I shouldn’t have put it up on any sort of social media that is viewed as a public network.  That isn’t to say, though, that they can just spy on people just because they wanted to.  They must have a legitimate reason for doing so.


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