Major and Computers

     Being curious as to how the mind works and why we do the things we do led me to major in Psychology.  Extending that curiosity to criminals led me to minor in criminal justice.  I’m studying these two degrees in hopes of being a criminal profiler.  As a kid I have always wanted to help others and like every other kid dreams, making the world a better place.  Being a criminal profiler I could help make that small contribution and I would be doing something that genuinely interests me.

     Computers will always play a huge role in anyone’s life especially those in the criminal justice system whether you work for the system or you are in the system.  Computers can keep records, store information and make organizing the whole system a whole lot easier.  They are also useful for looking up information and tracking.  Computers are much faster than those stone age devices called typewriters and filing cabinets.  They make life a hell of a lot more easier, especially in the work force.


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