Civic Duty

     The definition of citizenship is “the status of a citizen with rights and duties.”  So is citizenship only a legality?  Yes, in my opinion it is.  Being a citizen of a city, town, or country means that you have the privileges and rights that come along with living there.  With those privileges comes responsibility and duties to that place.  For example, living in the United States you have to pay taxes as part of being a citizen.  Do people want to? No, most, if not all, don’t want to.  If you don’t, however, you’d be hit with some major repercussions.  Your citizenship wouldn’t be revoked but you’d have problems because it is your duty, as a citizen, to pay taxes.  It is your civic duty, your responsibility, to whichever country or place you reside in to obey and do what you can to make it a better place.  Civic duty is more or less forced onto people through regulations and punishments if they do not do what is always expected of them. 


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