Major Uprisings

     In December of 2013 there were some violent uprisings and protests in Bangkok, Thailand.  The protesters were protesting against the government in hopes to overthrow it.  The protests were being led by a man named Suthep Thaugsuban.  The protesters believe that current Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was being played like “puppet” under her brother Thaksin Shinawatra, a former Prime Minister.  Most of the hatred stems from when Thaksin was in power and the government was corrupt and they were abusing their power.  In this case I do not think social media or media coverage really influenced the uprisings, at least not from what I have read.  It could certainly be possible that in Thailand their media could’ve provoked the protesters by hyping up the news about corruption in their government.

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     In Kiev, Ukraine peaceful protest against the government quickly turned violent.  People were not happy about the choice the President, Viktor Yanukovych, made about rejecting something with the European Union in 2013.  It is believed that he did so in order to keep stronger ties with Russia.  Ukraine is split with some people wanting to have closer ties with Europe and some people wanting closer ties with Russia.  A lot of people believe that the loans and cheaper gas that Russia provided for Ukraine was a way to buy off the President. Also, more recently Russia ordered surprise military exercises in Ukraine which fueled the protesters even more.  From what I have read in this case I do believe that media coverage  and social media has influenced the protesters in some way.  I read that there were “rumors” in the media which only caused more protesting.

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STEM subjects

STEM subjects are a group of subjects in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  The purpose of these specific subjects is to get students more technologically advanced in our ever growing technological world.  For science, you have your basic biology, physics and chemistry.  You won’t just learn about science but you will be able to apply what you learn to the real world.  With technology students would learn the different processes and devices that come with the new technology advancements.  Engineering involves the knowledge of how to create new technology and how it all works.  Mathematics works with the usual numbers and equations but it also looks at relationships and patterns with numbers, quantities and shapes (Shores).

STEM jobs as a whole are growing nationally.  Different studies have found that having a degree in a STEM field also pays more than having a different degree.  The payment gap between men and women is also smaller than in other fields.  A study in Georgia shows the different percentages between earnings with a STEM job and a non STEM job.


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Major and Computers

     Being curious as to how the mind works and why we do the things we do led me to major in Psychology.  Extending that curiosity to criminals led me to minor in criminal justice.  I’m studying these two degrees in hopes of being a criminal profiler.  As a kid I have always wanted to help others and like every other kid dreams, making the world a better place.  Being a criminal profiler I could help make that small contribution and I would be doing something that genuinely interests me.

     Computers will always play a huge role in anyone’s life especially those in the criminal justice system whether you work for the system or you are in the system.  Computers can keep records, store information and make organizing the whole system a whole lot easier.  They are also useful for looking up information and tracking.  Computers are much faster than those stone age devices called typewriters and filing cabinets.  They make life a hell of a lot more easier, especially in the work force.

Civic Duty

     The definition of citizenship is “the status of a citizen with rights and duties.”  So is citizenship only a legality?  Yes, in my opinion it is.  Being a citizen of a city, town, or country means that you have the privileges and rights that come along with living there.  With those privileges comes responsibility and duties to that place.  For example, living in the United States you have to pay taxes as part of being a citizen.  Do people want to? No, most, if not all, don’t want to.  If you don’t, however, you’d be hit with some major repercussions.  Your citizenship wouldn’t be revoked but you’d have problems because it is your duty, as a citizen, to pay taxes.  It is your civic duty, your responsibility, to whichever country or place you reside in to obey and do what you can to make it a better place.  Civic duty is more or less forced onto people through regulations and punishments if they do not do what is always expected of them.