Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden was born in North Carolina in 1983.  He is a high school drop out who went to a community college to study computers.  After a few yeas he joined the army but then was discharged after breaking his leg in an accident.  He later got a job as a security guard at National Security Agency.  He then got an information tech job for the Central Intelligence Agency but then soon went to work for private contractors before he went back to work for the NSA.  After years of gathering information for the NSA he became more aware of what was going on.  He eventually came to the decision to leak top secret information to the public because he felt that the public had a right to know.  Right after he fled to Hong Kong then Russia, information became available to newspapers and the public became aware of what was going on.  It took courage and balls to do what he did.  He did what he believed in and felt was right.  I’d agree with him.  The public  has a right to know what is going on because it is up to us, as a whole, to step up and make a change.  What Edward Snowden did was only the first step in making a change.   If we don’t step up to change anything or voice our opinions the government will only continue to step all over us and continue to invade our constitutional rights.  The government will to anything to extend their capabilities at the expense of the people.  George Orwell’s book 1984 will become a reality.  Big brother is watching you.